Benefits of the Official Chiari Pillow


 The Chiari Pillow has these features and more:
We start with high quality 200 thread count, 100% cotton ticking outside and
special blend of medically approved open cell Heavenly Soft foam fill on the inside.
Each Chiari Pillow is Custom made by hand for YOU and has all the benefits
that you are looking for and more: It is washable, dryable, and comfortable
beyond belief (it's like no other pillow you have slept on) AND it's non-allergenic,
anti-microbial, (you don't wake up with red, puffy eyes and a runny nose and
sneezing from the materials or allergens) PLUS, the mites and bacteria stay OUT
while you fall IN to a beautiful and restful sleep.

The COOL Factor
It's really cooling for those who have temperature issues (or who may perspire while
sleeping) or for those who just wake up a lot during the night, perhaps simply because
they're "too hot". And, you don't wake up 10 times a night from your deep REM sleep just
to flip your pillow over to its cool side. The cotton ticking and the Heavenly Soft
foam fill allows air circulation within the pillow for your sleeping comfort. The Heavenly
Soft foam fill remains strong and supportive while still providing a tender, gentle,
and Heavenly Soft place to rest your head. The more time you spend in bed, in
pain, recovering from surgeries, or just plain being a couch potato, the more you
will appreciate The Chiari Pillow. Especially if you consider what kind of pillow you
might be sleeping with now!

A key to the success of the Chiari Pillow is that it is adapts to YOU personally.
The special design allows you to form it to the way that it feels best for YOU.
Individual differences are seen a lot with Chiari and so The Chiari Pillow fits
individuals perfectly. (You can't get that with a single "block" of foam inside like the
more expensive brand name pillows that use a heavier weight 'single piece foam'
construction). Don't take our word on this, compare for yourself. Even those who
have tried multiple types of other pillows sing the praises of The Chiari Pillow.

Our partnership in the Chiari Community~
To further our mission, and for the benefit of more people within the Chiari Community,
we have committed to our donation program to supply Chiari Pillows
to people who cannot afford one. We feel that this designated contribution is an
integral part of the success of our mission to help others with Chiari and just another
great benefit of trying a Chiari Pillow for yourself. We know that you will see that
your participation can indeed help others in the Chiari Community. We also welcome
and thank you "anonymous angels" who generously purchase a Chiari Pillow as
a donation directly to someone who has requested one but cannot afford it.
Since we donate directly, you are not allowed a tax deduction for your contribution.
In addition, we are not a non-profit, we exist solely to support Chiarians and those who suffer with related conditions.  Those who have received a Chiari Pillow through the donation program have been so very grateful and thank those who participate...
Bless you!

Our 100% Comfort Guarantee and Warranty
Each Chiari Pillow is individually custom made to order and personally hand-inspected
before your shipment is sent. Therefore, we can confidently offer you a 100% Comfort
Guarantee that lets you return your pillow for any reason within 60 days so you don't
lose anymore sleep. The manufacturer warranties the quality of the Chiari Pillow
for life for any mfg. defects.

The proof of the many benefits of sleeping with a personal Chiari Pillow is already
documented. We believe that if you sleep with a Chiari Pillow, you will truly fall in love!

The Chiari Pillow that supports the World

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You are invited to join the largest Chiari support group in the world, the
World Arnold Chiari Malformation Association

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