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Chip Vierow from WACMA (www.wacma.com) came up with the concept of The Chiari Pillow. The secret of the Chiari Pillow  is in the cooperative partnership that includes Dr B, a world class, dedicated, Chiari expert
(and Chiari Pillow designer extraordinaire) and approximately 140 WACMA members (World Arnold Chiari Malformation Association)
(our ace testers who gave their extremely valuable feedback)
along with the pillow manufacturers that brought the concept of The Chiari Pillow to reality. This team has made the idea of The Chiari Pillow develop from a dream to a product that we have been able to make possible for your benefit and for the benefit of our fellow Chiarians and friends in the Chiari Community.

Our mission is to help those who suffer with Chiari and Chiari-related conditions and symptoms. We have shown that we are serious about our mission by volunteering our support at the World Arnold Chiari Malformation Association for
many years. We are positive that The Chiari Pillow will help YOU and THAT has already has been proven AROUND THE WORLD.

We have offices in Torrance, California,
Lakeland, Minnesota.

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